Sweet Freedom Bake Shop is here to bless you with
safely made, freshly created treats. 

"Sweets are so delicious, you'll never miss what's missing!!"

All of our products are made without gluten, wheat, egg, peanut, tree nut (with the exception of coconut) and soy protein.  All of our products are also baked/made without dairy & casein with the exception of our Cake Pops.  Dairy free candy melts are hard to come by and expensive.  We offer Cake Pops with standard (dairy) candy melt coating, vegan (dairy & casein-free) candy melt coating, and Vermont Nut Free candy melts. 

Our menu is expanding and growing to create allergy-friendly treats for everyone. As our mission is to provide “Sweets so delicious, you'll never miss what's missing” we will do our best to find at least one of our creations that will fit your allergy needs. We are unable to eliminate every allergen from each of our creations. For your safety, please check all ingredients with our staff before ordering.

Can I place a special order? How far in advance should I do so?
For standard orders, such as cupcakes, cookies, cake-pops, or cakes, we ask that you call or send us an email at orders@SweetFreedomBakeShop.com to place an order at least 48-72 hours in advance.  Items in excess of three dozen or custom cakes require one week notice.

Do you deliver?

Yes, all of our orders are delivered to your location.

What gluten-free flours do you use?
We use a multi-blend of flours including, brown and white rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, cornstarch & sorghum flour.  If your are allergic to one of these flours please let us know and we will do our best to create a safe flour blend for you.

Do you use any genetically modified ingredients (GMO)?
None of our ingredients are genetically modified.

Are the baked goods manufactured in a environment without gluten?

Yes!! As our head baker has Celiac Disease, requiring a strict and stringent adherence to gluten-free eating, we ensure our products are made without any gluten. Gluten-containing products are never present in the baking process or ever on our equipment. 

What if I'm allergic to soy?
We do not bake with any soy protein or have it in the bake shop.  Most of our cupcakes, frostings, cake-pops, and cookies are made with all soy-free ingredients. Please let us know if you need a completely soy-free treat as some of our embellishments also have soy lecithin. Most individuals who are not able to tolerate soy protein are actually able to tolerate soy lecithin without issues.

Are your products corn-free?
Most of our baked goods have baking powder in them, which contains cornstarch. Most of our vanilla cake and sugar cookies have cornstarch in them.  If you need a corn-free item, we do not use baking powder in any of our chocolate-based cake recipes.

Are our products nut free?
We do not bake with peanuts or tree-nuts such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc. in our bake shop, but we do use coconut milk and coconut products in a number of our treats. The FDA categorizes coconut as a tree nut, thus we are not technically considered a “nut-free facility.” In addition, we use embellishments from India Tree. http://www.indiatree.com/FAQ_Page.php?

Please let us know if you specifically need a nut free treat and we will do our best to find safe embellishments for your treat.

~~We recommend you communicate your allergies and intolerances to us before you order.  

Please consume at your own discretion if you are highly allergic.~~